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CLDATA.IO searches the web for listings of used items to give you a real-time market summary of any product.


Using listing prices scanned from websites including Craigslist and eBay, is able to perform a quick analysis and give the user a predicted value of the searched item. This is the price you could expect to pay or recieve. This is the most accurate tool for a quick and simple product evaluation.

High, Low, and Median

The high, low, and median values are also obtained for each and every search. The user is then able to see the pricing range of the searched product.

Price Margin

From the array of listing prices that are received from each search, an average difference between prices is calculated. This helps the user determine the price consistency of the searched item.

How it Works.

The project is a revolutionary new search engine that aims to provide accurate real-time market data to the user. Our algorithm is able to scan websites, such as Craigslist and eBay, for pricing information based on the users search. This data is compiled into an array and then uploaded to our databases where it will undergo further analysis. The data is then returned to the user as well as submitted to our research team.

Providing users with accurate data summaries isn't our only focus here at We are also committed to market research. Our dedicated research team specializes in working with the analyzed data within our databases. This data, including data from our user's searches, is used for research regarding the mapping of market trends as well predicting future trend developments.

An ever growing platform.

Our team is continually making adjustments to assure greater search and data accuracy. Please take note that the project is still evolving and always will be. It is truly an ever growing platform. All feedback is greatly supported and extremely helpful to the growth of the project. We hope that this data will help all users with understanding the market surrounding their search items as well as aid in the development within the field of market research. We thank you for your support. Happy searching!

If you would like to submit feedback, ask a question, or simply say hello, shoot us an email at